More about The Mission.

After the Guariani reject the Cardinal’s offer to leave their Mission and return to the forest, they decide to defend themselves against the seasoned Spanish army.  You can imagine how the movie is going to end now. 


Brother Mendoza and two other priests has renounced their priestly vows and will fight alongside the Guariani for their independence.  Before the battle (if you can call it that) begins, Mendoza speaks to Father Gabriel.


“I’ve come to ask your blessing,”

“I cannot bless you.  If you’re right then you’ll have God’s blessing.  If I’m right then my blessing won’t mean anything.”


I don’t have a very well-formed view on violence but Father Gabriel seems to speak for me.  Throughout history, we have sought God’s blessing in our conquering of other nations and shedding of blood.  I don’t think that we will know if our endeavors (even those called self-defense or in the defense of the weak) were God-ordained or not until the end of time.


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  1. The soundtrack from The Mission rocks!!!  You should check it out.  Sorry, that might have been a little random.  🙂

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