The Resident Directors returned to campus from the far corners of the earth this past Monday.  Nathan has returned and we have two new RDs: Alison in Baker / Roush Halls and Laura in Hardy Hall.  The students will enjoy getting to know Alison and Laura.


We took a one night retreat to Chicago on Tuesday.  We ate Girodono’s Pizza and at the Cheesecake Factory at the base of the Hancock Building.  In between, we visited Millennial Park, the Chicago Art Museum and, of course, Starbucks.  After dinner, we watched the Twins defeat the hated White Sux 4 – 3.  After a late breakfast and visit to the Shedd Aquarium (note to self: buy tickets online in advance), we returned home.  From here on out, we will make preparations for the return of RAs and the remaining students.  It will be a busy year.


Yesterday, I took home an espresso machine that SAB has had for a long, long time.  But it hasn’t been used since Kyle Kastraba worked a SAB coffeehouse (read: a long, long time ago).  I bought some beans from Coffee d’Vine and talked to Jeremy to see how to make a “Coffee d’Vine Mocha”. 


The kids were very excited to see the machine because of the many buttons.  After some deep cleaning, trial and error, I successfully made a CDV Mocha for my lovely wife.  It actually tasted like their signature drink!  Give me an apron and call me Bob Sloan!



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  1. Hahaha… congratulations, Bob Sloan!
    You’re right. The students WILL enjoy getting to know Alison and Laura. I have! Thanks for picking some winners, Jesse! 🙂

  2. I don’t know how I feel about this… there is only one Coffee Shop Bob.Even so, congrats on the espresso machine and good luck with the new staff!

  3. Yay! There is an espresso machine and nobody used it?? What the heck? Please welcome the new RD’s for me!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, Kyle Kastraba is a name I haven’t heard in a LOOONG time.  At least you’re making use of it (the espresso machine, that is).

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