Classes begin today.  It is also raining. 

On my first day of college at the Univ. of Akron, it rained.  I parked about 6.3 miles away from my classroom on the second floor of a 123 year old building.  It was obvious that the building was 123 years old: nothing else smells like 123 year old building.  The class was Psychology and I was late.  The professor pointed my tardiness out to everyone which was very embarrassing.  I subsequently dropped the class out of spite; I sure showed her (whoever she was).



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  1. Anonymous

    You don’t have a new baby there yet, what on Earth were you doing writing this at 3:16 am? Good for you stickin’ it to the man(or WOman)!

  2. Anonymous

    My first college class was cancelled. Dr. Fairchild was a line judge at the US Open and couldn’t be there, and since that day I realized college was cool because professors can cancel class.

  3. No baby yet.  Not until Sept. 13.  The 3:00 am time is incorrect.  There are very few things that I do at that time of night.  None of them include internet access.

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