The other night it was raining (sound familiar).  When it rains, the reception on our tv goes in and out because we have the Dish.  On this night, only the local channels were reliable so we snuggled in to see what was on.  Below are a few lessons that Hope and I learned from watching local television.

  1. Don’t try to adopt a baby from someone you’ve met over the internet; especially if you aren’t going to use a certified adoption agency.  We watched about 15 minutes of a news program that exposed one woman’s crimes against many hopeful couples that all sought to adopt the baby that she presumably carried.  While it is certainly a crime to skip-out-of-town before giving up your baby to an expectant couple, it was equally a crime the way the news host berated the wayward mother.

  2. Don’t trade your spouse for another spouse, even if it is only a week and you can win a large amount of cash.  That has bad news written all over it.

  3. Some Christian networds are very interested in your financial donations to the ministry.  While I credit them for their evangelistic efforts, I witnessed more overt and covert pleas for financial contributions in 20 minutes than if I were watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  I had a strange feeling of anger / embarrassment / hope / confusion all mixed together.

  4. We would have been better off clipping our toenails or covering the exterior of our own house with cheap toilet paper.



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  1. LOL….now you get to see what we get to watch…just flip around trying to find something remotely you want on for more than 10 minutes.

  2. This is good for reading books.

  3. Apparently, you did not find “Big Brother: The All-Star Edition.”
    See, God does still like you because if He hated you, you would’ve found that show.

  4. This is so true…local tv is pretty good for the news, Football, and some primetime stuff. Other than that forget! I pretty much stick to the History, Discovery, or Fox New Channel!

  5. you could do what we do and get into these dramas about deminted killers like CSI, Criminal Minds, or Without A Trace…it really makes you feel normal afterwards (or like someone creepy might be climbing into your basement window where the dryer vent blows.)

  6. Hey Jesse, what is the name of that book you and jeff were talking about?

  7. The Transformation of American Religion by Alan Wolfe.  Very good read.

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