Does anyone out there memorize scripture as a weekly / daily habit?  I’m going to try it and begin with Matthew 6:25-28; the passage about worry.  We need to replace our furnace and this has become a source of worry for me.  Does anyone have a furnace that they don’t need?



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  1. Hey Jesse…thanks for stopping in to say hello.  I almost never check my xanga page, I’m better with myspace.
    Anyway, congratulations on your family and especially the new baby.  I see you’re a coffee lover.  Den and I are too!  Looks like you need it now more than ever 🙂
    We can identify with you on the whole furnace matter.  We were told 4 years ago that ours needed to be replaced.  It’s still struggling along but with winter coming, it’s easy to worry.  “My God shall suppy all my needs according to His riches in glory.”  Keep quoting the Word – it’s powerful!
    God Bless ~ Amanda

  2. when you get a chance i would love to see a pic of all four of the kids together.  no pressure just when you get one…

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