October 1, 2006

The University of Mississippi marked the 44th anniversary of a milestone in its history today with the dedication of a civil-rights monument that features a life-size statue of James H. Meredith, the first black student admitted to the university. Mr. Meredith, whose arrival on the Oxford, Miss., campus sparked riots in 1962, was an honored guest at the ceremony.

“This monument is an appropriate way to memorialize the role of the University of Mississippi and James Meredith in opening the doors of higher education to all people across the South,” the university’s chancellor, Robert C. Khayat, said in a written statement released last week. “We hope it will serve as a reminder of the courage of Mr. Meredith and others who led the way in important cultural changes.”

We were able to visit Ole Miss 3 years ago on our Civil Rights trip.  It is great to see the University honor the courage of James Meredith.  On our trip, we were able to meet Dr. L. G. Hopkins who was called to the riot scene from his home.  He turned their Administration building restrooms into make-shift hospitals in order to treat the many wounded in the 48 hour riot.



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  1. Have you noticed that Eyes on the Prize is running on PBS? That hasn’t been shown in about a decade, maybe longer.

  2. I have noticed and watched the other night.  I think that it will be on the next two Mondays.  Great television viewing.

  3. Hi Jesse!  Just checking in wishing you a terrific evening.

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