Hope and I are hoping to attend Valley Forge’s Homecoming next year for my ten year reunion.  Tim, Gimpy and I have been going back and forth about meeting out there and we are all hoping to do it next fall.  We probably will not bring any of the children except Cana so that we can move more freely (like a small military tactical unit instead of a stampede of six).  We pass through Ohio on the 12 hour drive to exit #23 on the PA Turnpike so we’ll probably leave the kids with grandmas and grandpas for the few days. 

We hope to attend Homecoming activities, see the Phili Art Museum and Valley Forge National Park, eat several cheesesteaks at Bob’s Haven and fried egg sandwiches at the G-Lodge Diner, drink some coffee at the Gryphon Cafe near Eastern Univ., see friends at Eastern.  We may even take the train from Paoli to the 30th Street Station for ol’ times sake.  Hopefully the Tavanis will have room for us in their new house off of Charlestown Street.  The whole time, Rainchildren, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Gin Blossoms and The Somethings will be played in the background.



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  1. Anonymous

    next year… sweet!  that would be so awesome to see you both + 1!

  2. We’re planning on being there as well.  We had hoped to go this year, but decided we will definitely go next year for the big 10.  Ours are a little easier to maneuver, so we may still bring our kids.  I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have people interested in seeing us without our children   Maybe I’ll tease Grandma to come down with the KOP factor.  Then we have on-call sitters available.

  3. ah the gin blossoms… thats old school, guess that just makes you old it was good to see you this week. hope the second half of semester goes well for ya, enjoy the long weekend!

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