Did anyone watch “Is God Green?” the other night on PBS?  It was a very interesting discussion about how most conservative Christians do not care about the environment.  According to the program, most conservative Christians are pro-life, anti-homosexual marriage and indifferent to environmental issues.  Moreover, if a Christian were concerned about environmental issues, s/he would be labelled as a “leftist”.

Personally, caring for the environment seems like a necessary and reasonable undertaking that Christians should be concerned about.  Ultimately, we do not possess any of our belongings but are merely stewards of what God has given us to manage.  The care of the world would definately fall into this category.

I bought the video and hope to watch it in the HUB in the upcoming weeks.



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  1. “Moreover, if a Christian were concerned about environmental issues, s/he would be labelled as a “leftist”.” – interesting. 
    It’d be really great if HU could have a movie/discussion evening for the video.  I’d be there…

  2. Anonymous

    It would create some interesting discussion, I think.

  3. that sounds really great, jesse. i would definitely like to see that, too. i don’t quite understand how Christianity became this homogenized political force. kinda weird, really.

  4. Anonymous

    so glad to know i wasn’t the only person that watched it. 

  5. didn’t see it, but wished that i had.  my own journey of late has taken me into the depths of looking at my political views.  frankly, i wish that the church worried less about electing the “right” people to office, and worried more about feeding the hungry, taking care of widows, eating healthy, and picking up their trash after themselves.  i was recently able to attend the Rob Bell: Everything is Spiritual tour.  God used the talk and his book (“Velvet Elvis”) to really open my eyes to the fact that everything is connected and everything is spiritual.  (Please forgive the shameless plug.)   If you have yet to read the book visit some of his thoughts on this issue in Chapter 7.  If you have read it, maybe it would be good to blow off the dust, and re-read the chapter again.  Just a thought: but God created nature before He created humans.

  6. Amen brothers and sisters.

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