A very interesting article can be found at the link below entitled Meet Calvin DeWitt: Environmental Evangelist.  I’ve only included two paragraphs but they seem to be very clear on how we can view God’s creation as a source of inspiration.

A few years ago, I was standing next to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, and it had just reached its peak—it was going to go for another four or five minutes. A woman next to me had a little boy and she said, “Well, we’ve seen Old Faithful,” and she turned and left. She was collecting things that she could say she had done, but she had absolutely no capacity to behold. What’s coming is a time when we will actually behold the lilies of the field, and behold the birds of the air, which means not just check them off your checklist.

That’s really what happens when you transform your view of the world from one that is simply a collage of commodities and resources, to one that itself gives inspiration and some sense of the beauty of the world. If you behold – which is kind of the biblical way—you will learn far more than what you can by just checking off species on a checklist. Once we do that, we’re going to be seeing the land we occupy, like our yards and our gardens, very differently.



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  1. http://www.restoringeden.orgI met a guy from this org last spring. He had some really interesting things to share.

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