In case you have not heard about Dean Karnazes, you should.  He has completed 37 marathans over the last 37days.  He is working towards 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days.  I didn’t hear about his running until this past Saturday when he was in Cleveland, Ohio.

The human body and will are simply amazing! 



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  1. Anonymous

    I read about this guy in ESPN mag. Apparantly he has run over hundreds of miles consecutively as well!

  2. You’d also like the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt… They’re Amazing!Video on You Tube

  3. I do not qualify as amazing in either will or body.

  4. The Team Hoyt article is very cool.  Thanks Julie.

  5. thanks for the link!  :o)

  6. I would have passed out after the first mile *L*.  No they haven’t gone to Indiana I don’t think we don’t have any contacts there, but Jason just got back from seeing Brian and Dori, they are doing some stuff together.   It has usually been east coast stuff besides Michigan

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