Below is part of the text from an e-mail from a former RD, Kate Magro.  She is currently serving with Hands On Gulf Coast to help rebuild Biloxi, MS.

I normally HATE mass emails- but I needed to get a hold of as many people as possible.  So- we are applying for a grant from Hamburger Helper (no kidding) so that we can paint several murals in Biloxi with local elementary school students.  There are several projects up for the grant, and the project that seems to have the greatest positive response will be awarded the grant money.  So PLEASE PLEASE go to  Go to “Find a Project”  Type in Biloxi and the Mural project will pop up.  PLEASE post a comment and encourage your friends to do the same.



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  1. Are you kidding me, this is Michigan District *L*    We aren’t hip.   It was the national youth director for the a/g.  

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