It’s been a busy week and worthy of a much longer post than the post below.


Last Monday was my first board meeting for the Ft. Wayne NAACP.  I was voted in only after minor discussion and a short “speech” from myself on why I should be a board member.  My reasons?  First is a personal invitation from people that I respect.  Secondly, I have interest in civil rights history and the opportunities that may be created for me through my involvement with NAACP.  Thirdly, if I can my resources or HU’s resources to create more opportunities for people in Ft. Wayne, then I’ll be happy.  Fourthly, the NAACP is trying to become more diverse at their local leadership level.  That means that I am the diversity.  That is a change from my normal experience.


Last Tuesday, Hope and I had dinner and listened to a guest speaker for the United for Change program.  The United for Change program works with the Decatur Road Scott’s grocery store who donates 5% of their Wednesday sales to 1.) Provide jobs for people in the community; 2.) Provide educational programs (like the dinner and guest speaker and Civil Rights trip to the South); and 3.) Provide funds to buy equipment such as computers, pool tables and other fun things for an after-hours youth center.  Many of the same people who attending the board meeting the night before we at the dinner.  Hope and I stuck out from the other guests but we felt appreciated for coming to the event and look forward to spending more time with the group.  Louise Smith (one of our MLK Day speakers from last year) invited us over for some soul food.  I don’t think that I’ve had soul food before and I’m a bit afraid of having to eat collard greens (whatever those are).


On Wednesday, we took nine students to the Decatur Road Scott’s grocery store to bag groceries for four hours to support the United for Change program.  Gracie came as well.  The students had great attitudes.  I ate sweet potato pie for the first time.  Not only did I eat it but I ate a lot of it because I was a judge for a sweet potato pie contest.  There were 19 pies entered in the contest and I ate some of all of them.  My personal favorite was #2 but it didn’t even place in the top three.  We will be taking a different group of students next month to bag groceries.  Let me know if you want to go.


Friday and Saturday were spent on campus.  We hosted a conference for the Association for Christians in Student Development members in our region which consisted of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.  In case you haven’t heard, these four states have quite a few Christian institutions (and, therefore, ACSD members) in them.  About 250 people came from 22 institutions.  Dan Wolgemuth, President of Youth for Christ, USA was our plenary speaker and there were lots of workshops to attend.


Today is our annual Martin Luther King Commemoration Service (and Ron Coffey’s birthday).  Dr. Lora Overton is our speaker.  Dr. Overton was the first person that met Grace, Isaac and Eden as they entered the world because she was Hope’s obstetrician.  She and I will visit in Dr. Miller’s Slave Narratives class today and the MLK service follows after.  I look forward to hearing more of Dr. Overton’s story and reconnecting with her.


January term is supposed to be more laid back. 



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  1. I’m not entirely certain what collared greens are, but we feed them to the animals at Science Central, and they don’t like them.  Good luck.  :o)

  2. Hey Jesse!  Happy New Year to you and your family.  I was actually thinking of you today, on your inaugural MLKJ day as a member of the NAACP board!!  Congrats on that 🙂  In the last 4 years living in the south it’s been a real education.  The diverse community that I had in NYC had a different flavor than this.  I am excited to keep unfolding the onion here because its been so rich of an experience.  After all this time, I had my first “greens” about ten days ago.  It was one of those things that I ate because it was given to me.  I don’t crave them, but neither did it repulse me.  I have a feeling I could aquire the taste, much as I did with Korean’s kimchee 🙂  So drink deep, eat merrily, and enjoy the experience as I’m sure you will!
    As far as spiritual formation, I’d love to hear what’s up.  Let’s try and talk this week!  Blessings 🙂 M

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