A few thoughts from our Sunday School reading for the week from Growing Kids God’s Way:

Why did God establish marriage?  Because through their marriage, partners may serve one another, and through their lives they may serve others.  Thus, the crowing achievement of creation was the holy union of man and woman… Children do not complete a marriage, they expand it.

Hope and I have long thought this idea to be true: 1.) We will accomplish more for God together than apart and; 2.) We can accomplish even more through our children.

The primary relationship in our family is between Hope and I but it is amazing to consider what our children will accomplish.  We are blessed to have four wonderful children, each different and each with a tremendous capacity to impact the world.  Even in their young ages, they have made a difference.



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  1. Anonymous

    That is definitely a “keeper” for my collection of thoughts and ideas.  Well said.

  2. I glad I am in this thing with you. It can make my head spin when I think of the impact we have on our children.

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