This past Sunday was quite the day.  It began in it’s usual, hectic Sunday morning way but with a twist: the hot water pipes in the kitchen were frozen.  After a few days of single digit temperatures, they finally couldn’t take it any more.  Did you know that pipes located inside your house, underneath your own kitchen sink have the ability to freeze?  I did not know that.  I bet that you also didn’t know that they can be unfrozen with the help of your wife’s (or husband’s) hairdryer.

But we were still going to be on time for our 9:00 am Sunday School class.  That is, until we were out the door and driving on a flat tire.  CURSE YOU COLD WEATHER & SCREWS THAT HAD BEEN PLACED IN OUR DRIVEWAY BY SABATOUR NINJAS!!

But all is well now.  The tire is patched and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the 2 foot space between the cemented Mother Earth and the underside of my floor installing a heating cord to the hot water pipe.  Imagine the opening scenes of Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana and his colleagues are trying to get to the idol.  Remember the spiders on the guy’s back?  That’s me in my basement, minus the half-dressed Aborigines with blowguns.  Indiana’s effort to secure the idol, however, was similar to my adventure.

For the record, I did not put a heating cord on the cold water pipe because the Hardware Guy said that cold water pipes don’t freeze as often as hot water pipes.  That makes no sense at all.

I’m hoping that this story will make it in one of Kevin Miller’s Public Speaking classes.



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  1. If you can get that story published in a magazine or other reliable and edited form of print media by tomorrow at 2… I’ll most definitely speak it to the public.

  2. This is what you get for mocking the Tulsa Ninjas….KINGSHIGHWAY NINJAS RULE!!!!

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