Raspberries and poetry

Red raspberry bushes are growing in the back yard, near the Magnolia tree that my children climb. Red raspberries are my all-time favorite fruit. Mix them with Coldstone’s sweet cream, place them within pie crusts or take palm fulls directly from the bush; raspberry smoothies, raspberry lemonade, Frootie tootsie rolls or Mamba candies, they are all favorites. But more of this later.

For several years, books about “things and ideas” have lost my interest. Rarely have I purchased theoretical books about theology, counseling or leadership as I did years ago. I now prefer a good honest story; a story that shows me Truth rather than tells me what Truth is.

During this past year, another form of writing has shown me elements of Truth: poetry. Much to some of your amusement, I had become an evangelist for poetry and kept sharing poems with captive audiences even if it was received with eye-rolling. I have learned that Truth can be revealed in just a few short lines of a poem rather than entire stories (and doesn’t take as long to read). Some poems have moved me to laughter or tears. Some poems have evoked feelings of loss or longing for friendship. The best poems, I have found, illustrate a glimpse about God’s Truth in creation, his involvement in our lives or how I might show compassion for others.

Personally, reading a poem and collecting my thoughts on paper is a valuable exercise for me. I would love to hear your feedback on some of the poems or comments. If you would like, I would tag you in a note like this one, you would read the poem at your leisure, respond if you feel like it, and be (re)introduced to a few poems. For you preachers in this note (which I secretly wish that I was), you may find a decent illustration to use.

In the end, I like you and want to share something precious that I have discovered. Think of it this way: Would you like to visit and gather some raspberries? They are too good to enjoy by myself


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