Shades of poetry

As mentioned in the metaphor tab, the poetry that I have resonated with comes mostly into three shades: red for love, yellow for enlightening and blue for heaven.

Love is often poeticized.  Either from Pandora or poetry, I have found some thoughtful metaphors of love.   Some of them are explicit but not pornographic.  I do not seek out pornographic (or erotic) poetry because all of my sources for metaphors are public and mainstream but I often find intimate poetry that captures the reality of love.  See “Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson as an example.  The lover for the subject of the poems that I resonate with is my wife, Hope.  These poems remind me of my affection or her (or vice versa).

Yellow poems give me a greater sense of the human experience; they enlighten me.  Enlightening poems were what originally attracted me to poetry.  Poetry has an acuteness, exactness that attracts me.  No misplaced words and an entire idea transmitted through a few lines.  I have also found these in news stories that I will share.

Blue poems remind me of Heaven and God’s interactions with us.  I cannot say which poets would profess a relationship with Jesus and which do not.  I have suspicions but most of the writing that I am attracted to is like the book of Esther in the Bible: God isn’t mentioned but you must admit that he is active in the unfolding of the story.


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