A Prayer for Somali Refugees

Flow Of Somali Refugees Puts Strain On Kenyan Town

Thousands of refugees continue to flee drought, famine and conflict in Somalia, seeking shelter and food in neighboring Kenya. But Kenya too is suffering from drought in the arid and semi-arid north of the country.

The northeastern Kenyan town of Dadaab is already home to more than 400,000 Somali refugees (Yikes, that’s a lot of extra people!!!). Many younger Somalis have never been to Somalia or have spent almost their entire lives in the refugee camps in Kenya.

Heavenly Father, please give Bernard Ole Kipury wisdom as he divides too little land, water, food and shelter for too many people.  Give him wisdom to determine who in the camps are present for safety concerns and who in the camps are present to be divisive.  Please protect families and individuals like Sadiya Kassim Mohamed as they flee danger.  Please keep them safe from thieves and people bent on doing harm.  Change the hearts of those seeking to do harm to travelers.  Pique the hearts of your followers to help aid their struggle.


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