My dad collects car parts.  Volkswagon rear view mirrors, Chevy hubcaps, a distributor from a mid-80’s Datsun pick-up truck, transmissions next to engine blocks, all with the worn out, distinct smell of materials of a by-gone age.  “You used to be able to fix cars.  There used to be space for your arms.”

In our house on Reed Avenue, the basement, garage and shed were stuffed but cataloged in such a way that he could find what he sought out.  I asked him one day why he kept so many parts.  He responded, “Because someone might need one of these.”  I get that.

I collect metaphors.  Like my dad probably, I enjoy their company and they reminded me of time and place, a usefulness, a stepping stone across a stream.  But I also keep them in case someone needs one.  A common thread throughout the past decade is collecting illustrations about life.  I intended to be a pastor since the early ’90’s so these would be needed in pulpit work.  But my life has gone in a different direction.

Hopefully, this site will be a way to share metaphors with others, in case you might need one of these.


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